Corona Virus (Covid-19) Safety Plan UPDATE


Dear patients and our community,


As the numbers continue to rise in NH and across the country, our staff continue to review our COVID-19 safety policies and remain vigilant in keeping our Synergy environment COVID-19 FREE with our consistent disinfectant cleaning of all surfaces, screening each and every client at the door, and maintaining our own infection control actions. We have also added new UV Air purifiers to each treatment room for added protection on top of what we are already doing to protect everyone. 

The following changes we have recently implemented:

  1. We are locking the door, adding a doorbell and updating our text reminders to include our phone number and mask reminder. 

  2. Synergy will waive our late cancellation fee for clients who have been alerted to the possibility that they may have been exposed to COVID19.

To increase client safety we have also decided to space appointments out further so there is less risk of clients crossing paths with each other. This change means less time in the treatment rooms in order to accomodate all of our current client appointment needs. We ask that clients arrive on time and remain punctual in order to keep everyone safe.

As mentioned above, the amount of time in the treatment room will be shorted with less resting time between sets of needles. Additionally, masks will be required at all times, even when face down on the table. If this is not possible for a client all treatments will be performed face-up or on your side. 

To ensure everyone’s safety, please note the following NEW protocol: 

  • If you attend a gathering or are in close contact with people outside of your immediate household, we will be requiring a 10 day quarantine (i.e. isolating yourself from everyone outside of your household) 

  • Additionally we will require a negative COVID test result taken no more than 48 hours prior to your next scheduled appointment at Synergy. 

As a reminder, we ask our clients to continue following CDC guidelines including mask wearing and maintaining 6 feet of distance from anyone outside of your household.

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