Synergy Acupuncture & Wellness is a drop off location for Toys for Tots. Deadline is December 11 by 6:30 pm so that we can deliver on the 12th.   Anyone who drops off a NEW unwrapped toy by the deadline will receive a $10 Synergy Acupuncture & Wellness Gift Card and we will also donate $10 for every toy that is donated in our drop off box. Please help the Marines put smiles on the faces of those children who are less fortunate this Christmas. 


Any questions? Please Call 603-672-0272



At the request of several of our clients, We are now offering Yoga at Synergy Acupuncture & Wellness!


Our Yoga classes are small in size, Max of 8 people, attentive and interactive instructors who are very talented and experienced. 


Our instructors meet the needs of the individual student, offering beginner lessons, chair Yoga and more advanced styles to meet all needs. 


We are offering a FREE Week of Yoga, Yes FREE! As a one time offer to any new clients, you will have the opportunity to try our yoga classes for FREE.

(limit to 3 within 7 consecutive days)


Schedule your FREE Yoga Today!


If you decide you want to come back and be a regular, you will have the option of pay as you go, buy a package of 5 or 10 classes at a reduced cost, or if you prefer to have private classes, we will offer that too. Simply click on the button below and get started!


Forgot to mention one more thing, for the first 10 people to sign up for a package of yoga, they will receive a FREE Yoga Mat.



TCM and Seasonal Affective Disorder

Seasonal Affective Disorder, also known as SAD, is a form of depression that affects people all throughout the world. Most commonly experienced during fall and winter months, the symptoms of SAD include depression, hypersomnia, lethargy, difficulty concentrating, negative thoughts and decreased social interaction. Higher levels of anxiety are experienced at the end of the summer season as those

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Walnuts and Your Brain

Many people like to add walnuts to food to add some zest and a little crunchy kick, but walnuts are much more than a flavor additive, as they are chock full of healthy properties and have been used in Asia as an overall health tonic and brain booster for years. Let’s take a nutty look at walnuts.    

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The Shen Mind Connection

Traditional Chinese Medicine looks at things differently and while it may be a little confusing, there is usually some common ground that can be found upon examination and explanation. One such area is the idea of the mind. The mind in Traditional Chinese Medicine is commonly referred to as the shen.

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