What Is Chinese Herbal Medicine?

Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal medicine work nicely together for far better and quicker results. Chinese herbal formulas, which are a combination of individual herbs, work much like acupuncture but on a more consistent bases and are what we like to call “acupuncture in a bottle”. Generally, people come in for 2x week treatments of acupuncture at the start of their treatment and can begin to see positive changes happening. With the addition of these powerful Chinese Herbal formulas to the plan of care, results just happen faster and people begin to feel better sooner. Chinese Herbal medicine has been around for nearly 5000 years and many of the “classical formulas” used back in BC time, are still used today.

There are nearly 1800 individual herbs in the Chinese pharmacopeia and are classified according to their specific functions, which meridians they affect, their energetic qualities and how they work on disharmonies. Individual herbs are combined synergistically to provide the most beneficial effects without the harmful side effects.

Within each formula there are “chief” herbs which exert the greatest effect on the principle problem being addressed, the “deputy” herb which support the “chief” herb, the “assistant” herbs which support and reinforce the effects of the other herbs and help moderate or eliminate any harsh properties that may cause side effects. Then the “envoy” herbs will harmonize, guide and focus the action of the complete formula of herbs on certain meridians or areas of the body.

Chinese herbal formulas are a safe, effective, and drug-free way to speed up the healing process, strengthen and support the deficiencies and/or clear the excesses in the body which address the root cause for disease. When prescribed by a licensed acupuncturist and taken as prescribed, there are rarely any side effects experienced.

Synergy Acupuncture & Wellness carries the highest quality herbal formulas that can be taken in capsule form or in powdered form which can be made into a tea. There is a formula for just about any condition.

A few of our most popular formulas are Immune + which has been extremely beneficial during this Covid pandemic. Calm is another very commonly used and loved formula used for mild to moderate anxiety and stress. We have a whole line of formulas to help with digestive imbalances, formulas to help with pain conditions, fertility, difficult periods and more.

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