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Vision & Mission Statement

My Vision Statement

The United States is currently experiencing a health care crisis due to epidemic rates of preventative chronic diseases. My passion and vision is to positively impact this healthcare crisis at the local level, by inspiring and partnering with people to help them focus on achieving optimal health, using a more natural holistic approach that focuses on healing and prevention while meeting their health care goals.


My goal is to bring a greater awareness about the effectiveness of the ancient wisdom, art and science of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Also, I would like to see individuals take a greater responsibility for their own health and wellness and be a willing participant in the lifestyle changes that may be necessary to preserve their health into old age.  It is a known fact that today’s children will not live as long as their parents due to the epidemic of chronic disease.

My Mission Statement

My mission is to meet the communities’ health care challenges by providing safe, exceptional, patient-centered, preventative and healing medicine, through the practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and other proven preventative health strategies of conventional Western medicine, such as functional nutrition, health screening and lifestyle counseling by a licensed and certified healer.

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