Helped more than my neck pain…

I was receiving steroid injections for a neck issue in early 2017. The mood swings, irritation, depression etc… I noticed by the injections was intolerable. I had a nurse suggest acupuncture and was really convincing as to how much she believed in it.

I reached out to a friend who told me about Diane and Synergy Acupuncture. From my first appointment I had a good feeling about the process and a better feeling about Diane and her true caring about her patients.

I have now been going for a year and a half and my life has changed both physically and mentally. I sleep through the night. My chronic hip and knee pain is immeasurably less. My general state of mind is to be much more laid back and patient.

A once non believer to a true believer. I cannot ever see myself without the acupuncture way.

Thanks for helping a 59 year old guy feel great. To Diane, Jodie and Donna, thank you sincerely.

-Mike Doyle

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