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Terri Tuttle, Licensed Massage Therapist

Terri received her training in massage therapy at Seacoast Career Schools in Manchester, NH. She offers several types of therapeutic massage including: Deep tissue, Trigger point, Myofascial facilitation, Acupressure/Reflex points, Passive/assisted joint mobilization, Lymphatic facilitation, and Full-body Swedish/relaxation massage.

Terri utilizes a unique combination of modalities that is tailored for each individual session to address what is going on with you at any given point. You can also make specific requests for the modalities used. However, if you are new to massage and unsure of the differences, please rest assured that Terri will take the time to listen to your concerns. She is always eager to provide explanations about technique, the benefits of massage, and offer suggestions for self-care that can enhance and prolong the benefits of each massage session.

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