What Is Neuromuscular Therapy?

Neuromuscular Therapy was developed by two chiropractors trained in Naturopathy during the 1930’s and refined throughout the years by various therapists and healers. It is used to deactivate trigger points in the muscles and connective tissues, balance the central nervous system and musculoskeletal system, reduce or eliminate pain, increase ease and efficiency of movement, improve posture, increase flexibility and strength, improve circulation, assist in detoxifying the body, improve digestion and increase energy & vitality.

This technique uses a specific series of stroke, that remain the same in every session. They start at the back of the head, go down the neck to the shoulders, back, glutes and IT band. After this series, the client is turned onto their back to have the abdomen worked. (This is optional, but highly beneficial). The strokes are performed in specific directions according to a “map” and the pressure is medium to deep. The legs and arms ar not touched during this treatment, unless it is incorporated as part of a specialized treatment plan.

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