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Deborah Demazure, Client Care Coordinator

After many years of dealing with low back, neck and foot pain, Deborah finally discovered relief
in holistic and alternative medicine. She has since worked in that industry for over 30 years.
A graduate of DoveStar Alchemic Institute in Hooksett NH, and New England Institute of Whole
Health in Manchester NH, where she obtained a certification in massage therapy, Deborah also
holds a BS in Natural Health from Clayton College.
With many years experience in direct patient care as a chiropractic assistant and massage
therapist, Deborah also has extensive experience advising people on the safe and effective use
of nutritional supplements. She not only has worked in several health food stores but as the
doctors assistant in a functional medicine practice specializing in reversing type two diabetes.
But feet and pedal foundation dysfunction issues are her specialty. Having worked as a gait lab
assistant in a very busy podiatry practice in Bedford NH, where she learned how to cast and
fabricate orthotics, Deborah‘s experience went on to fitting people with arch supports at the
Good Feet Store, then on to her own private practice.
Deborah’s true strength lies in her abounding curiosity of all techniques holistic and her
dedication to applying her knowledge to her own life and health, thereby being able to educate
and effectively care for others.


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